Friday, December 24, 2010

A Gift of "Presence" to You!

Today, in the town of David a child was born unto you, the Savior, Christ the Lord, Emanuel: God With Us!

This is the Present and Presence Christmas is all about. Although it means the world to us to know the Lord and have given him our lives to restore, pack with meaning and hold us through and through...Even though we love and live and rejoice in God's love and truth... This story I wish to share starts not in a manger, but rather in the heart of a girl and a boy, one snowy Christmas Eve night.

Our First Kiss Good Night
Her heart was pounding, skipping beats as he drew closer, what was he saying...she did not know... all she was thinking was ... is this it? The moment I have been waiting for... will he lean in, will he prove he wants more than to be friends. It is snowing white specks of glittery hope. All around it seems silence is drown by thud of her heart yearning to know. Then he asks a simple question and a boy is turned from the boy she saw just a moment before, into a Man. Not just any man. But the man of her dreams. He asked simply " May I kiss you..?" In shock she did not respond so he leaned a bit closer... and asked again. " May I kiss you?" "Yes!" Softly spoken, yet shouting from the roof top of her heart, was the answer.

His Love for Her
Christmas passed in a blur of when would she see him again, hold his hand again, hear his sweet voice again, each little spec of time with out him feeling like eternity. Then there was the unknown. Was his gift on Christmas eve... just a kiss and nothing more? Or did it mean what it meant to her...a seed of true Love planted and growing strong? Valentines day was the day of his most wonderful gift, not of words spoken out loud to be lost in the air of wondering if they were even said at all. NO! Written in a pink bible, my gift from him was " I love you!"

Loving God became first in our lives, by loving Him more, who not only loved us first, but who loves everyone best. God made our love for each other strong and grow stronger, as we together, began a journey to discover just how wide and deep and amazing Love is! Yes the Love of the Lord and the Love he gave us for each other to bloom and cherish!

A Birthday Present

On his Birthday May 10, 1997 He asked for her hand in Marriage. His words, " Would you be my best birthday present ever and be my wife?" Of course her love for him had not changed... She was still stunned by his eyes staring into hers and fumbling with the right words to spit out of her mouth. A very quiet as a mouse, "yes" finally aired. But silence was the next aggravating few minutes passes. As her heart was leaping for Joy, his was fear gripped and tortured. You see he did not hear her "Yes!"  So he asked again... still on bend and knee. "Will you Marry Me?"  You can bet I said YES! a bit louder this time and more then once.

And so began the Williams family in such a way as this. One snowy Christmas Eve, when a boy asked for what he wanted before him, instead of stealing or just taking ... And a girl fell in love with the Man of her dreams.

The bible says "You do not have because you do not ask God." James 4:2 "Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete." John 16:24
From this passage we have learned to pray in thanksgiving but also to ask of the Lord the desires of our heart. We ask the Lord to Grow us deeper in love everyday, we ask the Lord to bless our family with enough love in our hearts for each other every day. We Ask of the Lord to bring meaning and joy to our lives lived everyday and we have so wonderfully received. Our Lives are overflowing with such abundant, joy, peace, love, guidance, and more from Jesus. 

So this day, on Christmas Eve 2010 I ask that those of us would be filled with more of His Presence instead of empty pockets and presents that will break and perish. I pray...I ask that the Lord would bless you and your Family with the Love that flows from the strongest deepest river, with cartwheel in the grass, heart skipping Joy and laughter. I ask for your lives to be overflowing with meaningful days that impact your lives for the better. I pray that as you learn that though your life is your own to live, when you give your life to the Lord it can be lived in abundance, packed with such sweetness.  My heart truly can not put the right words to how amazing it is to Live live Free, as simply His.  He is my Daddy Jesus and has given me not only dreams come true, the love of a husband and two beautiful children, he has given me a life, everyday worth living!

I ask of the Lord for you all to have a Very Merry Christmas!