Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walking on Water

      Peter was sitting in a boat rocked by waves. The water was like ice as it slashed at his body. The wind whipped his hair violently against his face.  He was with others, yet at the same time he was completely alone in his thoughts and mind.  He looked up and saw Jesus... Jesus walking on water.  Heart pounding, knowing Jesus believed in him and was calling him out in his heart, he hesitated. Then he dared to believe as he called out into the night, "Jesus if that is you, ask me to come to you?" Jesus Said "Come!" Peter stood in the wind rocked boat and stepped out on to the waves of a stormy sea and he did not sink. He took a step and walked on water. It was only when he looked down, doubting himself that he began to sink. But even then Jesus reached out his hand and saved him from sinking into the violent sea.  ( this story found in Matthew 14:22-33) 

      When was the last time you walked on water? You probably think I am crazy right now asking that question. But I believe we are all being called out to walk on water. It may not be the water of a real stormy sea. In your life it may be speaking up, standing up, stepping out of the boat or sin. It may be all three. Is there some one in your life who you know needs Jesus and you have not shared your story, your hope you've found in God's unconditional Love with them? Is there an abuser hurting someone you love that you just don't think you have the power to do anything about? Is there a sin that you need to confess in order to be done with it once and for all, having someone to  keep you accountable to let it go for good? Jesus stands there before you with out stretched arms holding the power for you to get out of the boat and walk on water. To do the things that you can not do on your own. Will you dare to hope? Will you stand up in belief that nothing is impossible with God? Will you be courageous enough to step out of the boat and walk on water. Yes, the ground is unsteady. Yes, you are going to be completely out of your control to keep yourself from sinking. But that is what trusting in God's power in your life is all about. Sink or swim we are all in when we are trusting and living our lives with Him. 

       Here in Spokane we have a well. It is a place we who rely on Jesus go to find Him and drink from living water when we are thirsty. Right now it meets once every 5 weeks at a church on garland called City Church. I was at the well last night worshiping God and I was called out of my boat.  At first I just stood as everyone else was standing. I knew He had a word that was not just for me to hear. He wanted a mike in my hand and He meant for me to open my mouth and let Him use it. I was shaking inside with uncertainty, my ability in who I am lacks speaking skills. But who He is and His ability lacks nothing.  Praying to God I dared to believe I could do as He asked, that I could walk on water. I told God I would do as he said but only if he made a way. Two seconds later the starter of the Well was standing beside me in the isle. He was about to walk up and grab the mike. I tapped him on the shoulder and beckoned him to talk to me. He asked me what was up and I told him. " I think I am suppose to speak up in front of everyone and tell them what God wants me to say."  He asked "What does He want you to say" When I told him he said "lets do it!" then he looked me in the eyes and asked me "Do you want me to say this to everyone or will you do it?" I could have right then sat back down in my boat of stability and passed on a gift God was trying to give me to someone else. But I didn't. I said "I will do it!"  When the mike was offered into my hand God took over and the words he wanted to say poured out and helped set free those who were listening. 

       You see being used by God is the peak moments in our life that we live for and even though they are scary and involve stepping out of our boats, our comfort zones, they are exhilarating moments to grasp hold of and not pass up.  I compare them to times in my life when I have experienced freedom in short bursts, such as when flying down a mountain on a snowboard not knowing whether you have the ability to stop or not but you don't care for the flying out of your own control moment has astounded you.  For a mom it could be giving birth to a child and seeing him for the first time, so fragile and perfect and wonderful. With your entire being you know you would die first to let anything happen to this precious gift from God. 

      God wants us to live our lives stepping out of the boat. He doesn't want us to have just one moment we can share when we finally did something courageous. He wants our whole lives to be lived unconfined by our own limitations. 

      Dare to pray the prayer:

Lord empower me to do your will. Not for my sake Lord that others may look to me and call me great. Lord I am nothing but the vessel you are willing to use. Use my life to make a difference. Empower me not for the sake of myself to feel empowered, but rather for the sake that Your will be done, and for your name above all names to be Glorified.  Lord I am ready to be called out of my boat. I am Yours, use me! Amen in Jesus Name 

       Peter walked on water. Yes, he did begin to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus and realized by himself alone he could not possibly be doing what he was doing. But when he began to sink Jesus immediately reached down and pulled him out of the sea and they got back in the boat together. Then the storms died down and the sea calmed. What happened then is something to be remembered. The other boat sitters praised Jesus and worshiped him Believing as they stated “Truly you are the Son of God.” 

Your faith in God...the life you live for him is a light for others to see and begin to believe in the one true God, their Savior.  Dare to be willing, to every day, live powerfully on purpose, with God in you, working through you, and by your side leading every step of your way.  

When was the last time you walked on water? Have you ever dared to trust enough to step out of the boat? Look to Jesus. Trust in him. It is time.



  1. God came to destroy the works of the Devil. But I am Satan and you cannot destroy me says the Prince of Darkness for whom God got dethroned.September 7, 2015 at 8:49 PM

    I cant destroy demons says God but I love sending humans to hell.

  2. God unremorsefully wanted Adams spirit broken and his will destroyed Belial entered the worldSeptember 7, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    God shouldn't have called slavery good. That was an atrocity that God would love committing this atrocity against people that He would want them owned like they are cattle. he even wanted Goliath sent to hell at the hands of a murderer called David. God and his Son should have called hypocrisy evil, a sin and a demon. And they should have called slavery and harlotry demons and sins.

  3. Blogging with Jesus goes off the deep end overemphasizing God's son while ignoring a very victorious fallen angel called Lucifer who is winning against the armies of the light of God.September 7, 2015 at 8:57 PM

    Defeating and destroying multitudes of Christians because God loves Satan.

  4. Immoral, impious hypocrites wearing suit jackets, ties and slacks to church with dress shoes looking like materialistic executives on wall street with gaudy ties. And barbaric men and ladies showing their legs, hair and cleavages is sinful and immodest.September 7, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    Its a fact the Devil is in all churches but particularly born again churches where people don't take separation from the world all that seriously anymore. Back then they did it half assed thinking they had to look materialistic where three piece suits. Going to church shouldn't be a time for playing dress up but it should not be a place for people to immodestly show parts of their bodies either such as men's and ladies legs, their cleavages of their busts and ladies hair, that is barbaric. Most Christians today may as well be called philistines. All Christians since back in the day cant even look modest without being gaudy and materialistic even at their weddings. Brides and grooms always look materialistic with those fancy tux and ties. And the immorality and evil hypocrisy of the brides trying to show as much of their deep cleavage as is imaginable.

  5. God should have made only one race,religion and language.September 7, 2015 at 10:25 PM

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  6. How come the Pennsylvania Dutch have become assimilated to the point that they have lost there German accents and dont even care?September 7, 2015 at 10:27 PM

    What's up with that?

  7. How Satan and demons use men that is forced on people against their wills by their wicked and demonic governments to enslave and oppress the people through occupations. Satan also uses the governments to create crime, homelessness and harlotry. Which by the way God should have called harlotry a demonic sin but did not have enough courage to.

  8. I meant to say that Satan the Devil uses money to enslave people with jobs. That's also how the devils invented prisons to take peoples freedom away from them. Satan made Bridgeport prison and every other jail and prison in the world to dehumanize people.

  9. The Devil enters Obama and uses him like all the rest to ruin North AmericaJanuary 19, 2017 at 7:44 PM

    This is true. All we have to do is look at our laws. Do laws like sexual harassment and in general making freedom a crime honor God? No. It does not honor God when people are told how to live and how to travel.

  10. God who contradicts Himself when He spoke about forgiving enemies while not forgiving His own Satan and demons.February 17, 2017 at 11:00 AM

    Its too bad that I did not practice what I had preached in the New Testament. I should have forgiven Lucifer over what seems like eons ago since prehistoric times and his friends to. I should have forgiven them for their rebellion and let them back into heaven as well. If I did then there would not be billions of people living like devils and sinning like devils around the world.

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    1. Sorry dude about what happened.

  12. Its too bad that no one here can say that when they lacked faith it was because the devils were putting doubts in their hearts through sin. That maybe why Peter or any of the disciples could not believe He was walking on water.